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3 Important Functions of a Hotel Reception Desk

Hotel lobby lounge cafe interior

As you prepare to refurbish the reception desk at your hotel, motel, or bed-and-breakfast, remember the vital ways your reception desk serves you and your guests. Design a new reception area that meets these three criteria.

1. Your Reception Desk Sets Expectations

All of your guests are initially funneled through your main lobby or entrance hall, and they form their first impressions of your facility based on the reception area. Is the area bright, welcoming, and easy-touse? Are the counter and desk made of high-quality materials and kept clean and tidy?

When your reception area is attractive and upscale, your guests assume the rest of your facility is equally tasteful and clean. Choose counter and desk materials that are luxurious, durable and easy to clean when you want to impress business and international travelers.

Counters made of quartz and granite are wise choices for reception desks in sprawling or small boutique hotels. The materials exude luxury and longevity because the tough substances stand up to years of use with a timeless grace.

Guests will realize that you've given your reception area a great deal of thought and attention when they see your quartz or granite counters. Visitors get the sense from the substantial materials that you plan to be around for a long time to come.

2. Your Reception Desk Sets the Mood

Your reception desk should be as unique as your establishment. It's okay to be a little quirky with your reception-counter design if your other décor is quirky, too.

Does your inn or motel have an industrial, urban, bohemian, or classic ambiance? You can match it with a coordinating counter and desk that are as individual as your famous accommodations.

Some hotels and motels are switching to natural wood counters at their reception desks. This look suits an urban-meets-rustic aesthetic. Use shiny metal cabinetry and white or colored laminate to give your reception area a futuristic or '70s vibe.

Classic wooden cabinetry in simple lines looks great with white quartz counters when you want to exude a formal, all-business aura. Plain wood cabinet styles work well with a variety of décor themes if you change your lobby furnishings with the seasons.

Cabinets in unique colors and stains work well in B&Bs and smaller hotels. If you're going for an authentic coastal or Texas Hill Country vibe, have your cabinet professional design your reception desk with whitewashed wood or distressed barn lumber as the base, then use natural wood or stone counters to add more character.

For a sleeker lobby look, have your reception desk made of the same material as the background wall. The reception desk will appear to be floating. Or place lighting beneath a granite countertop over a desk made of colorful tiles for a trendy, exciting lobby appearance.

3. Your Reception Desk Gets Business Done

Design your lobby desk with modern booking technology in mind. Provide plenty of space for efficient storage of devices, phones, copiers, and any other WiFi and connected equipment. Design your desk with outlets for powering and charging devices, too.

Some hotels are abandoning the austere front-desk concept and creating seated areas where guests can check in on iPads and print out their own reservations. These hotels are making their reception desks smaller and adding furnishings like LED countertops with stools for guest self-service.

The reception desk is still an important part of the lobby area in these hotels. However, guests don't stand around waiting to be served. Lobby staff can direct guests to sofas or stools where they can enter their personal information while they enjoy a beverage and sit down after a long journey.

Consider the ways you can augment or transform your reception area to make your lobby more social, welcoming, and customer friendly. Your hospitality cabinet specialist has plenty of ideas to help you create a reception area that serves your business needs and makes your valued guests want to return to your hotel again and again.

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