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Cabinet And Countertop Options For A Home Chef's Kitchen

A growing trend in remodeling and in new builds is to outfit the kitchen as a chef would. Indeed, some homeowners even consult with chefs for help designing their kitchens.

Much of the setup aims to facilitate complex culinary tasks within a small space - that way you don't have to move around the kitchen. However, the design of both the cabinetry and countertops help create both the look and feel of a chef's kitchen.

Hardwood Cabinetry

While commercial kitchens often feature industrial materials such as stainless steel and glass, you're not relegated to that style for your home chef's kitchen. Hardwood is a premier material for such a kitchen, too. In fact, any style of cabinetry will work because a chef's kitchen is more about providing the resources for your culinary endeavors.

That said if you want your kitchen to feature the streamlined appearance you'd expect in a restaurant, choose simple designs. Minimize the trim on the cabinetry doors. Likewise, have industrial-look pulls installed in place of ornate ones.

Frameless Cabinets

Another way to ensure your cabinets present a streamlined façade is to opt for frameless construction. These consist of the cabinet box and the doors attached directly by way of concealed hinges. There's no visible framing between the doors, so they close right against each other.

As The Spruce points out, frameless cabinets carry two big advantages. One is that they provide a seamless profile when closed. The other is that their construction doesn't feature stiles and face frames that can obstruct the opening of the doors. Both of these advantages would be a boon in a chef's kitchen.

Customized Inserts

Another way that your cabinets can facilitate your culinary tasks is with customized inserts. These can range from simple inserts for cutlery to pull-out pantries. Such inserts help facilitate the use of every inch of space in your cabinets.

The key is to brainstorm your kitchen usage and plan for specialized workstations. From there, think about the tools and supplies you need to complete those tasks. You'll want to design your customized inserts to hold the tools and supplies near that task area.

Granite Countertops

As with the cabinetry, your countertops don't have to look like they would belong in a restaurant for them to complement your chef's kitchen. In fact, if you're opting for traditional style cabinetry, granite is a good material. It's durable and can stand up to hot pots and knife edges.

In fact, if you're considering granite countertops, look into the high gloss finish. The polishing process makes the surface even more impervious to stains and spills. High gloss finishes also provide an antibacterial surface that's easy to clean.

Stainless Steel Countertops

If you're going the streamlined route in your kitchen style, consider having stainless steel countertops installed. These are a mainstay of commercial kitchens, and they will definitely give your room a restaurant vibe.

Stainless steel offers a variety of finishes. Flat is the classic, and it's probably what you imagine when you think of stainless steel countertops. However, the material can also come brushed or hammered for a more textured finish. The textured finishes also lend a homey touch to your countertops.

Butcher Block Inserts

While it's possible to cut directly on either granite or stainless steel, you can eventually scratch or chip the surface. A better plan is to designate specific areas for cutting. Enter butcher block.

Butcher block consists of strips of wood bonded together, which strengthens the surface. While you could have an entire countertop done in butcher block, inserts into the surface are sufficient. As with the cabinet inserts, plan ahead where you'll do most of your food preparation - that's a good space for the butcher block insert.

No matter your style of house, you can set up a chef's kitchen that complements the décor and your culinary aspirations. Visit BMC Cabinetry for all your cabinetry and countertop needs.