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Design Your Kitchen With Simple Storage

Modern Style Kitchen
If you want more storage in your home's kitchen, the key could lie with your cabinets; are they designed with storage in mind? Talk to cabinetry contractors about augmenting and updating your kitchen with a focus on your cabinets and storage solutions. Here are some tips for adding simple storage to your kitchen.

Plan Ahead

Don't ignore the importance of planning for storage when building, updating, or upgrading your kitchen. While custom cabinetry can cost more than the standard systems at home improvement stores, you will have the invaluable opportunity of planning each drawer, shelf, and cupboard when you work with a custom cabinetmaker. Over time, the added convenience and storage is a worthwhile investment.

Customize the Pantry

Do yourself a huge favor by taking the time, energy, and resources to make your own custom pantry. Even the smallest closet space can become a fully functional and fantastic pantry with dedicated space for all of the items that you like to keep on-hand and stowed away.
From racks and hangers to hooks and nooks, a customized pantry is something that adds value to your kitchen and your entire home, making it a prudent and wise investment.

Decide on Depth

One problem with standard cabinets and kitchen storage systems is that the drawers are never deep-enough for large cookware, pots, and pans.
Talk to your cabinetry contractor about deep drawers for your distinct items, such as Dutch ovens, stock pots, and small appliances. Having ready access to larger items can make everyday living simpler and could even serve as the inspiration and motivation to spend more time in your kitchen.

Segregate Spices

One common conundrum when organizing and planning kitchen storage is what to do with all of those small bottles of spices. Instead of utilizing wall or counter space for a rack, tuck those items in a shallow spice drawer where spices are convenient during cooking and preparation. Also, the darkened drawer can help keep spices fresher and away from damaging bright lights or hot temperatures.

Something for the Sink

Don't miss out on some prime storage space under your kitchen sink. Replace false front drawers with actual ones, and design carousels and pull-outs to make underneath storage more accessible. Talk to your contractor about customized organizers to hold your cleaning agents, household chemicals, and everyday items.  

Pull Out all the Stops

Tired of stooping down and leaning to reach your kitchen storage? The solution to this common inconvenience is to equip cabinets with pull-outs; pull-outs make everything in the storage space accessible and visible, sliding seamlessly out on a track system. These pull-out features are also an excellent way to prevent injuries and improve access for older or disabled homeowners.

Ideas for your Island

A kitchen island offers a lot of storage and prep space, but it can also serve as a spot to sit and eat or work. Plus, an island makes an excellent anchor for your entire room, providing a central point that has numerous functions. Check out styles that are permanent fixtures in the middle of your space or invest in a rolling island that features castors so you can move it about the kitchen with ease.
Those that are starting from scratch may have a slight advantage when designing cabinets with optimal storage, but there are some simple additions and augments that can be made to existing cabinetry systems. Talk to a cabinetry professional to find the perfect accompaniments for your kitchen.
Tired of no place to store your kitchen and culinary items? Let the experts at BMC Cabinetry Inc. design your kitchen with storage in mind. Create nooks, crannies, and crevices for all your utensils, cookware, and storage items without sacrificing valuable work, prep, and dining space.