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Savvy and Stylish Storage Solutions When You Live in a Tiny Home

Custom Cabinetry

Are you part of the tiny-home revolution? Consumers are choosing to downsize their homes and simplify their lives, many living in homes that are less than 600 square feet. One of the inherent challenges facing homeowners adjusting to less-space is storage; where do you keep everything?

This guide lists clever storage suggestions for tiny-home dwellers.

Custom Cabinetry

Perhaps the best way to optimize your available space and give things a dedicated spot is with custom cabinetry. You should invest in quality wood cabinets that will stand the test of time - and that is environmentally friendly as well. Work with a builder that is willing to contemplate your smaller-space to find clever ways to create and carve-out storage potential in your tiny house.

Sheet-Rock Cubbies

If your tiny-home has sheetrock walls or finishes, ask your builder about cutting cubbies out for your storage. This can be done on sheetrock walls, between the beams and studs, to create small inserts that will hold things like grooming accessories in the bathroom or cookbooks in the kitchen. Consider positioning one near the bed to create a nightstand and save space.

Outdoor Options

When all else fails, take it outside. Store some of the items that you use infrequently outside in weather-resistant totes. This may include items like holiday decorations or seasonal apparel, but just make sure to store these where there is no chance of moisture getting in. Consider sliding totes under tiny-homes on axles or trailers. You can camouflage the boxes with skirting or potted-plants.

Multi-Function Furnishings

Another way to make more storage in a tiny-home is with multi-function furnishings that can accommodate storage inside. For example, storage ottomans have small cavities that can hold things like games, movies, or paperwork, while loft beds can provide a host of drawers for practically anything you choose.

Choose furniture wisely when outfitting your tiny-home to ensure you optimize storage opportunities wherever they are.

Under-the-Floor Options

Get creative with storage in a tiny home and talk to your contractor or builder about under-the-floor options; this often manifests in raised platforms for beds or tables, that features lift-up doors to stow stuff.

Another valuable place to look for storage is behind stair risers or underneath steps. This would be otherwise-wasted space, so figure out ways to access and utilize it to make your life more comfortable.

Clever Shelving

Shelves are great for storing stuff in a tiny-home, and you may want to use some of the vertical space that you have by positioning shelving higher-than-usual. Another idea is to use slat-shelving for entire walls in your home; while these shelves aren't very deep, they will accommodate things being hung and suspended, such as baskets, which will hold even more belongings.


For the best indoor-outdoor storage, consider investing in a 'back-pack' that attaches to an exterior wall of your tiny-home. These secure to the outside of the house, providing a tight, weather-resistant cabinet, of sorts, to store things like tools, appliances, or gardening supplies. These fixtures are aesthetically pleasing and are widely found in businesses that sell storage sheds and greenhouses.

Other Ideas

There are many other clever ways to create a bit more space when living in a tiny home. As you adapt to your surroundings, you may be able to identify areas where space is wasted as well as how to best optimize every square-foot. Some simple storage tips in tiny-homes include:

  • Opt for travel-size items whenever possible. From a travel-sized ironing board to toothbrush, these small items will save bits of space throughout your house.

  • Trying to find room for family relics and sentimental items? Take pictures of these things and use them in an online album or photo collage, and get rid of the item itself.

  • The best way to avoid a storage issue is to not have a lot of items. Make it a habit that every time you buy or bring something new to your home, you get rid of something old.

If you want to make your tiny home more conducive to everyday living, contact BMC Cabinetry for customized solutions in smaller dwellings to help with storage and convenience.